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What Talent Agents Are Looking For

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Here Is A Quick And Simple Way To Understand What Talent Agents Are Looking For And How To Get A Talent Agent.

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What Talent Agents Are Looking For– first thing to understand is, talent agents only want to work with Actors that have already booked work, and can can therefore book more work with them. This is how they make their living. Agents get 10% – 20% of the actors pay when they book them on a job.

So long before you even approach an Agency, you should have a professional Actors Headshot, a good Resume with Credits and should have some Actors Training. You should also be living in the area of where the auditions generally take place – NY, LA, Atlanta, etc. or willing to travel on short notice and at your expense.

If you have none of this, and acting is what you desire for a career then you must start with an Acting Class to get accustom to the art & technique of acting. This is step #1. Do this before anything else to see if you like what acting really is. You also need to become comfortable performing in front of people long before you ever enter a Casting Session in front of a Casting Director. Improv is a great way to quickly get comfortable being un-comfortable.

Once you have studied and feel you are comfortable performing scenes with other actors, you are ready to get a professional headshot. Find a Headshot Photographer in your area whose work you like. You should take a look at several before you make your choice as this is a critical step in your career. This photographer must specialize in performers photos to get the kind of look that casting directors are used to. Anything less than a professional actors headshot will make you look like an armature, and will usually not get you called in.

After you have Headshot in hand with the beginnings of a Resume which include your actor training, you can then start looking for work on your own from Casting websites like NYCastings / DirectSubmit. 

If you you are going to have success as an actor, you should start getting auditions from the projects you are submitting to. Start with the lower pay projects, student films and commercial work to get started, then as your resume and experience expands you will get better work as you go.

Once you’ve landed some decent roles you can then start seeking out representation from Agents & Managers to get the better work like Feature Films, TV Series, National Commercials, Broadway, etc. 

Every actor spends their career just looking for work and trying to get the best representation possible so this simple guide should be all you need to get started! Of course there are lots of details to each phase that you go through so read more from the articles below!

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