Robert Washington signs exclusive contract with JL DAVID Agency

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EXCLUSIVE: Robert Douglas Washington



Robert was born unto two amazing parents in Albion Michigan that provided in every way possible. An extremely sheltered childhood allowed his imagination to soar even into adulthood. An intelligent kid that straddled the line between popularity and obscurity found himself by losing himself.

Growing up in a home that stressed education, higher learning was predetermined. His father a scientist and mother a former educator, he was expected to follow suit. Attending the University of New Mexico he began his studies in Electrical Engineering. Though he loved learning the demand of education/work/life was draining.

This was the pivotal season in his life where he would find his passion, his love, his purpose. The art of acting and filmmaking. His senior year a close friend and playwright won a contest that would allow him to put his project into production. For two months he pursued Robby to audition for the lead in his play. The idea of “competing” against trained actors was daunting and so the idea was shot down. One final plea caught his attention “I will give you the part, just come to rehearsal”. Done. It was at this rehearsal where Robby was given a glimpse of the dream.

To share the gift given unto him with the world. Turning his back on the “chosen” path was both easy and difficult. He began training immediately studying various techniques of both the modern and classically trained actor. It was only two months into training he saw an open call for a film called “Around the Bend” being cast by Mali Finn.

A small speaking part was enough to allow him to see the dream was both real and obtainable. He continues this journey with passion and renewed fervor. Robert has a younger brother, two younger sisters and three amazing nephews. Keep watching as the dream is fulfilled!


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