3 Commercial Audition Tips From a Talent Agent.

When you are auditioning for a commercial via a self tape there are a few key foundational principles that I believe can transform your performance.

1. Eye line

You want to adjust your camera set up to match your exact eye line, so it seems as if you are talking to your best friend, which is (the camera). The goal is to make the person on the other end watching feel like they are in the conversation with you. 

2. Volume and Pacing

You want to deliver your dialogue at a conversational volume level and a relaxed pace.  You want to avoid sounding rushed, too loud, or overexcited. Remember the main goal of advertising any product is to evoke certain emotions in the viewer that leads to a potential sale. 

An actor that demonstrates their ability to effectively present the product properly is essential for casting and producers when auditioning actors to be the face of their brand.  

3. Choose Your Shirt Color Wisely

There is an actual science behind this key point and why choosing the right color to wear can have an affect on your commercial audition. This is known as “the psychology of color” and is used every single day by major advertising campaign decision makers.   So, we want to avoid that color in auditions and headshots.  

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