Agency Rules of Conduct

All represented talent, (including parents/guardians of talent under the age of 18), must agree and adhere, all below mentioned rules of professional conduct to ensure a successful working relationship.

Failure to do so, may result in immediate contract termination and release from the agency without notice. Please initial each policy listed below recognizing that you have read, understand and agree to comply. 

I understand that by not being on all of JLDA’s linked submission resources, I am limiting my agent’s ability to work quickly, as well as market me from outside the office, which will greatly impact the amount of submissions I can and will be included in. 

 I understand that I am responsible to supply JLDA with updated digital snapshots and current measurements by uploading and updating all linked casting profiles and databases. 

I understand JLDA will not submit any photos that do not reflect my current look or follow the rules and guidelines set by casting for professionals. I acknowledge not keeping submission materials in my portfolio updated will jeopardize my career and may reflect poorly on me when I meet clients. 

I understand JLDA clients must only be supplied models and actors that fit their requested specifications. There are NO exceptions and this applies to all statistics; Therefore, if I am thinking about changing my look or hair color, or getting tattoos or piercings, I must get prior approval for any such change. 

I understand that I must notify JLDA of any legal contact information changes. I am responsible for doing this to ensure being submitted. 

 I understand ALL email correspondence to JLDA should primarily be via email, with the ONLY exception being that I am working on a booked job, or at a casting JLDA has scheduled for me. 

I understand that whenever I attend castings and/or booked jobs I must enter my first and last name and JLDA’s contact information on all paperwork as my representation. 

I understand when I sign in on a casting or job, I must do so listing JLDA as my agent. My personal contact information is never to be given directly to the client as stated in the contract. Doing so compromises trust between myself and JLDA and can be cause for my immediate termination. 

I understand If I receive payment directly (due to supplying the client with personal information instead of JLDA without JLDA’s authorization) I will be charged an added fee of $100. 

I understand when I am contacted by JLDA regarding a casting and/or booking I must call or email them back immediately regardless of whether I can attend the casting or not. 

I understand it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that I have saved the appropriate agency contact emails. 

I understand failure to respond to JLDA in a timely manner can result in non-submission or early termination. 

I understand agents do everything in their power to obtain bookings, knowing that if I do not profit, neither does JLDA. My agent will negotiate the best possible rate for me. 

I understand that I must not attempt to book myself on jobs after becoming familiar with JLDA’s client, and/or accept a direct booking from a client that JLDA has introduced me to. 

I understand that I must refer any direct inquiries to JLDA. In the case that a client tries to obtain my contact information to book directly to avoid paying JLDA a client fee of 20%, I will let JLDA know as promptly as possible. 

I understand I MUST NEVER CALL THE CASTING DIRECTOR OR CLIENT FOR ANY REASON without the knowledge of my agent. If I need any information I will contact JLDA direct. 

I understand that I must never sign any waivers or releases on the set before my agent has reviewed it. If I take it upon myself to sign a release for a specific job without JLDA consent, I understand that monies may be forfeited due to the terms of that specific contract. I will not expect JLDA to seek additional fees for me in this case. 

I understand that I am responsible for keeping accurate records of time worked and for having appropriate vouchers and records on assignments.

I understand that it might take up to 90 days to get paid on NON UNION related jobs and JLDA cannot send payment unless we have been paid, and the check has cleared.  I will NOT CHECK ON PAYMENT UNTIL AFTER THE 90th day. 

I understand that I must never discuss the rates, terms, or details of the booking with other parents, talent or clients. 

I understand that I must report for all fittings, castings and/or bookings 10-15 minutes early this is considered being “on-time”. I will not receive a reminder. If I am assigned a time slot and I am late, I understand that I may have missed my opportunity and it is at the client’s discretion to decide whether to still see me. 

I understand that I must “BOOK OUT” whenever I am unavailable to attend castings, submit audition tapes, or work for an extended period of time.  If I do not book out then JLDA will assume I am available and will continue submitting me. I will notify JLDA upon my return to ensure resuming submissions. 

*NOTE: If at any time during our contract you cannot travel due to financial or any other reasons or no longer wish to be submitted you agree to notify your agent of this. 

I understand I must give JLDA at-least 24 hours notice to replace me in the event that I have an emergency and cannot attend a booked job. The only valid reasons for backing out of a booked job are: Severe illness (doctor’s excuse required), death of an immediate family member, or an accident in which you are involved. Skipping out on booked jobs results in being dropped by JLDA. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

I understand that I have a period of 72 hours from the issue date to sign and return the agreement, unless another date has been agreed upon with JLDA.


Only one adult may accompany each talent on assignments, auditions and/or bookings and go inside the audition room ONLY if requested by the casting director/client. Under no circumstances should other children, family members, or friends be taken on any modeling or acting assignments. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

For talent under 18: By law it is mandatory to obtain a Coogan account. Coogan account information must be supplied to the production company to ensure proper account crediting.TIP: will guide you through the entire setup process or try calling 212-869-8926 Actors Credit union for further assistance. 

For talent under 18: A Child performer work permit must also be obtained for the markets that you will be submitted in. Examples: NY, LA… etc. (You will need a separate work permit for every state that you will be working in).Google: Child performer work permit (state) Once you have obtained said working permit you MUST supply JLDA with a copy. It can be mailed or E-Mailed. It is your job to confirm that we have received it and that it is available to be presented to clients if requested.  

I have read and understand all JLDA rules as stated above and will comply with said rules. 

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