How to Format Your Child Actor Resume

Whether your child is a new actor just breaking in, or a more experienced actor who needs a little “resume make-over”, this information is for you! Many parents struggle with how to present their child’s work experience in a resume format. Who knew we would ever have to create an employment resume for someone who is 5 years old? It is common for parents to stray away from industry standards, or give unintentional, subtle messages that are negative, while creating a resume.


Start with the philosophy. An acting resume is a MARKETING TOOL. It is designed to show what you CAN do and the experience that has been obtained via prior work. It is designed to sell. It needs to be short enough, with big enough print for someone to be able to READ it.

However, it is not necessarily a list of everything your child has ever done. That is an important concept. We all want to list every job our kids have worked so hard on. As a career progresses, you simply can’t. Consider the value of showing a good sampling of what the kids have done–the things you WANT to show the CD. The resume really ends up being ‘the best of’ a body of work. That requires you to make a conscious decision about each credit. What impression will it project to the reader?

Think of it this way: Say you are applying for a Vice President job at IBM. Your prior work experience includes three things: a fry cook job during high school at McDonalds, working as a clerk in a law office in college, and then you were a non-paid intern at Microsoft. Would you put the McDonald’s job on your resume? NO. And if for some reason you did, you certainly wouldn’t put it at the TOP of your resume! Why? Because it didn’t have anything to do with the job you do want NOW. It is so low-level, that it would give the impression that you are a fry-cook, not an executive. In the case outlined above, your internships and non-paid jobs were more applicable to the IBM job you WANT right? They say, “up and coming…I know what I want and am working toward that…”. So you highlight those and forget you ever worked at McDonalds.

An acting resume should only include ACTING, and things related to ACTING. It is a tool to indicate PROFESSIONAL work experience.

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