Maintaining Your Schedule With Your Agent: Booking Out Policies

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Life happens and it certainly does not slow down between family reunions, vacations, and long weekends. So, here’s a bit of advice that will keep you in good graces with your talent agents and potential clients: If you know the dates you won’t be available for auditions or jobs, be sure to “book out.”


Additionally, if you know you won’t be available for the dates of the shoot or recording session, you should not accept the audition. Never audition for anything unless you intend to accept it. That’s common professional conduct whether you’re a union talent or not.

Booking Out is not only during the summer months when you’re heading out of town on vacation, the same booking-out requirements apply during the holidays in December, for afternoon getaways you don’t think matter to anyone but you and your loved one(s), when you’re heading to the dentist for a cleaning, or anytime you’re simply unavailable to audition or book a gig.  Update your calendar so your agent knows if you’re indisposed.

Because it never fails. Just like clockwork, some huge gig will come calling the moment you head out of town. It’s Murphy’s Law. But don’t let that stop you from taking some well-deserved downtime.

One of the primary reasons your agent has confidence in you is the fact he can confidently rely on you consistently being available to the work. This is why they see you as reliable. Talent? Of course. Trained? It’s a given. Prepared? Always. Available? Absolutely—at least most of the time.

If you neglect to book out, you’ll end up making everyone associated with the project miserable—especially yourself—and you could very well destroy your professional credibility because you didn’t think booking out mattered all that much.

As long as it’s documented, includes a date, and is done well enough in advance of your departure, all’s right with the world. Keep your agents in the loop and let them know when you’ll return and be ready to work, you’ll also enjoy your time off more. And it’s the professional thing to do!


Reference: Kate McClenaghan

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