Developing Your Own Personal Brand


Why you should care.

So many really awesome, creative, and talented people just do not spend any time developing their own personal brand. If that is you, then don’t let another minute pass you; because not having a clear personal brand for yourself is hurting you way more than you may know!

What Is Personal Branding?


Why is it important?

Personal branding is the means by which people remember you. It’s more than a trademark or a stunning logo—it is how you present yourself online and offline. Regardless of your industry or professional status, your personal brand has the power to make or break all kinds of opportunities for advancement. 

Creating a personal brand can be daunting and seem so overwhelming and you may have no idea where to begin. It’s a timeless concept. The two reasons why branding has always existed on a person level is that we always have to sell ourselves in various situations, from trying to impress our managers so that we can take on bigger projects, to convincing our friend to watch a movie. 


Spencer Berry and Jenn David, co-owner of JL DAVID AGENCY debuted their very first video podcast. Personal Branding (How To Become Memorable), on YouTube Thursday, November 14, 2019.  In this video they each talk about personal branding, why it is important, and how to brand yourself as a branding expert.


Whether you are a blogger, musician, makeup artist, model, actor, dancer, tech guru, dentist, private investor or passionate entrepreneur, developing a strong personal brand narrative is the most valuable asset you should have on total lockdown for yourself, and yet; so many people never focus on developing their own personal brand.

With many years of branding experience, Spencer and Jenn know that developing your business is one thing, but understanding how to brand yourself is another.

Personal motivation is critical to your success, and how motivational strategies can be applied to help reach your goals. Identifying areas where you can improve and grow can provide a starting place.

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Opportunity will find you and your business when you have a strong brand.
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