Jenn David

Founder, Agent, Entrepreneur
 Founder, Agent at JL David Agency

Founder, Agent at JL David Agency

Jenn David is the epitome of the word “entrepreneur”. After over a decade in the film industry as a choreographer, actor, and producer, she decided that it was time for something more challenging. She did not have this vision from the beginning – it seemed to be the completed puzzle that she was putting together. Utilizing her skills, experience, and knowledge of the industry, she founded the JL David Talent Agency in Nashville, Tennessee in 2014. Since its conception, the agency boasts over one hundred talents that range from youth actors to social media influencers. 

David is a passionate, motivated individual who has a knack for recognizing the potential for opportunities early on before they take off. She discusses how important it is to know your market. Most people assume that to make it in the film industry, you have to be based in a big city like Los Angeles or New York City; David says that while there is an abundance of opportunities in those areas, there are plenty of other prominent cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Baltimore, and more. In cities like those, David aspires to build her agency to be “the big fish in the smaller pond” and cites how Atlanta is the “Hollywood of the East”. In being a prominent agency in a growing area, the JL David Talent Agency is able to firmly establish itself as one of the most trustworthy, dedicated agencies in the region.

Since covid-19 has come and altered everyday normal life as we know it, David sees a bright future for her agency. For the past several years and currently, auditions for actors are self-tapes in which actors record themselves (David says she would be surprised if in-person auditions return to normal). She cites how shows like Game of Thrones effectively used these self-tapes to cast and the results (over 200 awards won, 9.3/10 rating on IMDB) speak for themselves. While some talents may not be the biggest fan of self-tapes, she notes how important it is to be versatile and be able to adapt to a changing industry. 

While most agencies solely feature their talent and history, the JL David Talent Agency offers advice to up-and-coming actors, models, and artists as to how to get signed by an agency and what agencies are looking for in talent. David says this is intentional because it is important for people who are new to the industry to have insight because people don’t know what they don’t know. In presenting this knowledge to potential clients, David is able to seek out more like-minded people who share the same drive and commitment that she possesses. 

When it comes to advice for up-and-coming talent, she focuses on a few important elements. Utilize your time effectively to master self-taping; look for acting classes that feature fellow actors that share similar goals, and, most importantly, network within your communities. Social media has made it easier to network and it is a very valuable commodity that will put you in touch with agents and casting directors. There is no better time to develop your career than right now, why hold back?

Her clients can be seen in projects, such as Westworld (HBO) New AmsterdamThe Blacklist, Grimm, Spider: Man- Far From Home Columbia Pictures,  Fear of The Walking Dead (AMC), Queen Sugar (OWN), Blue Bloods (CBS), All My Children, General Hospital, Queen of The South, Bluff City Law, All That (Nickelodeon), Shameless, and Dynasty, to name a few.

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