The Warm and Fuzzies

Do you know that special feeling inside when you are super proud of someone else’s moment of recognition or achievement? I do! As a talent agent, I am constantly working very hard for my actors pushing to support and help advance their careers.  Needless to say,  I love getting the warm and fuzzies. I truly believe in those whom I represent and probably their biggest fan besides their own mom, (because nobody fangirls like a momma!). 

The Job – Really

This job a.k.a the “entertainment business,” is not easy.   The days are long,  grueling, exhausting, daunting, and frustrating.  More times than not this job steals time away from your own life and is a process of repeated disappointment. There are very few vacations and sick days?  I have no clue what that even is!  But, it’s in these rewarding moments, of being super proud and feeling the warm and fuzzies that make it all worth it.  

LA’s Most Inspiring Stories- Alisa Reyes

About a month ago I received an email from VOYAGELA Magazine regarding one of our clients Alisa Reyes and featuring her in their magazine!  Of course, we accepted and the article posted today! I am feeling very warm and fuzzy and wanted to share this news on our agency blog with you. 

In the article, Alisa answers questions on things such as, how she got started and how she got to where she is today, about her work, and what she is currently focused on.  As a wife, an actor, a singer, a producer, a writer, a teacher, and a lightworker, she is sincere with gratitude to God, giving credit as the One who bestowed it all.  Alisa, we are super proud of you!

Be sure to check out the full article on VOYAGELA Magazine hereAlso, to learn more about Alisa visit and connect with her on social media using the links below! 

  • Instagram: alisareyes
  • Facebook: alisareyesfanpage
  • Twitter: alisareyes
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